coffeeMonday mornings at 7, we extend an invitation for you to come fellowship, get real, honest and naked (God's way). The meeting isn't 'a big-deal' (from the world's perspective), but in the Kingdom, small things are big and big things are found in simplicity. Don't expect fanfare or a choir to emotionally pump us up, but do expect a research and development opportunity for unconditional love.

Web Hosting & Design

networkWe are now offering free web hosting and design to those wanting to blog or website. We will design and host you a website at no charge.


calendar_dateWe are available to meet with you; whether over a cup of coffee or something more formal. Our heart is to see the Kingdom of God manifest in your life. Contact Us for scheduling questions.

Thrift Store

shopping_cart RHM's funding mostly comes from unsolicited gifts and our online store, ONEvoice Thrift Store. We decided not ask others to pay for something on our heart. We believe, if it's on your heart too, we don't have to ask. It would also be inconsistent to appeal to your emotions, while having our hands in your purse, all the while claiming to be sharing Eternal Life. onelogosm.gif